First Baptism! (not this week but next week)


Teaching is Soooooo hard! I have so much to say! But I can’t say it! imagine this: you are sitting in the air over a dark corn maze and you can see the way out and can see the way you can get them out, but there isn’t ANY way you can tell them. Its so frustrating. You cant really explain repentance in charades.  I make do mostly by only putting in a thought that I’m sure they understand every once in a while. and by letting my comp speak. 

 Anyway this week ,other than huge growth in language capacity, is pretty great, we got 4 new investigators , two more baptism and confirmation dates and a baptism scheduled for next Saturday! She wanted me to do the baptism, so I’m preparing myself because this is only the second time and I’m super nervous.

 Also yesterday I had Balut for the first time.For those who don’t know what Balut is, Balut is a fertilized duck egg (has a baby duck in it)which is then cooked like a hardboiled egg, then eaten with salt and vinegar. ( thats the picture below. my comp took a video of it but it was too big to attach and my mom wouldn’t want to see that anyway). =)

Oh also Recently we’ve been looking for a new residence because we pay 150 pesos everytime we go proselyting to go to our area and its stacking up . And because the sisters from Guimba 2 want our house because its better than theirs. anyway we finally found a place that the office thinks we can use!( in our area obviously) We’ll probably be there by the start of December and hopefully by Christmas.

 My area is nice because its a mix of Province and urban life. Province is like bamboo huts and rice paddies( Btw did you know rice grows like wheat? I always thought it grew in the water around it for some reason, i felt like an idiot for thinking that when i asked my comp. about it.XD ) Urban feels like a million people crammed into a football field. the difference is so shocking.

 So ending on a spiritual thought: I was reading in Mosiah 5:8-10 during my personal study the other day and I thought of an awesome way to teach baptism and covenants to these investigators (a 9 and 10 year old). It says in Mosiah  “There is no othername given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ”  During this I would take off my nametag and put it on one of the kids and say “Just like how the missionaries walk around with Jesus Christ’s name on our tags, when you enter into this covenant you take his name upon you. You become members of the church of Jesus Christ”. And for me this was important because I haven’t had Jesus Christs name on my chest for just a couple weeks, I’ve had it for years. and that made me think about my life before and about my life after my mission. And how I need to continue to live by the standards that being a missionary has set me. Here I’m a direct representative of Jesus Christ. There I’m a direct representative of his church and through that of Him. One more layer doesn’t change anything. 

I just want you to know I’m thankful for you all, and I hope your Halloween was awesome! Shoutout to Katie who is Seventeen now! And don’t forget to participate in the #lighttheworld campaign!
-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

Ethan and companion.JPGElder Bell and Elder Gordo
trike and jeepney.JPG
Trikes and Jeepneys
1st apartment.JPG
First Apartment
1st apartment #2.JPG
First Apartment/Kitchen view
Ethan at manilla temple.JPG
Manila Temple
View from the Manila MTC

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