My first Baptism sa Philippines!

DSC03121.JPGThis week really wasn’t really all that eventful other than the baptism we had so I’m gonna make this short. (or shorter than the last week or so)

Teaching isn’t any better, I understand more but I still cant teach even though I try.Mostly when we’re walking on the streets i smile and wave, and sometimes talk a little bit to little kids or someone we walk directly next to. They also say some stuff that I understand and its funny when they say something to their buddy, like “how tall do you think he is?”, and I’ll respond and they’ll be so surprised and laugh and ask me something else and i will have no idea what they ask. =) haha

The baptism was good we had plenty of members there, me and my companion sang a Hymn (#220 for those who want to know) all was well, then I forgot the word “commissioned” in the baptism. I remembered literally everything else but that one word! I eventually remembered with a little prompting by the branch president and did it, but still embarrassing that I had to repeat it to get it right. Sister Tarifa didn’t seem to mind as she thanked us later that night saying she was very happy that we were able to help her be baptised.

Recently I’ve been reading the “Teachings of the Presidents” books, and they are so cool! did you know that President Joseph Fielding Smith was in the Quorum of the Twelve apostles with his brother and father as an apostle and prophet (respectively) too? Now that I think of it actually, the original twelve who followed Jesus had brothers in it as well. Still cool though.

Anyway I’m doing fine and I hope you guys are too.

Salamat ulit parasa lahat ang support!

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell


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