Getting into the Zone

So this week we had another baptismal interview and he passed! we were so happy for him when he came back with elder Ilagan smiling and laughing. I believe that Elder Grado is doing this baptism. This next Saturday is the baptismal date. And the date for our next investigator’s interview. Its so great because the goal in the Angeles mission is Baptisms once a week and for alt very least two baptisms a week . Which is hard but, for December we have a good chance of getting baptisms every week!!

Also when we have a ton of dinner appointments, which is great because it eases our budget (which is really strained because of the previous elders not paying their bills and living outside our area) and gives us good food. We visited the Magbanwal family and had adobo Ulam which was super good, pero they were watching a movie and they invited us to watch with them, after a little bit we shared a really short message and then left. On our drive back to our apartment, I felt kinda bad because we shouldn’t have watched that movie with them( not because of content) just because we’re not there to watch a movie, we are there to share the gospel.

Now the reason I tell this story is because afterward I made promise to myself that i would try to be perfect because i felt that i had some things i need to improve on, like waking up on time, and being focused on our purpose. I made,  out of a 5 peso coin and some liquid whiteout, a white coin. I wrote on the coin “Be thou perfect” with the verse 3rd Nephi 27:27 (see picture) “…Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.”  There is a lesson here about the atonement and repentance. We are like this coin, and as we go through life we are scraped up by trials and by sins and those leave the dirty interior of the coin showing through. through the atonement and repentance (more liquid whiteout) We can become perfect once again.
Now about my day, the one I had decided to be perfect, It was easily the best day that I’ve had the whole time I’ve been out. had had Three new investigators,5 lessons taught w\ a member there, and An investigator that we haven’t been able to teach since my first week here let us teach him and i was able to bear a powerful testimony all in Tagalog to him ,after the lesson he asked for a time we could come back and meet with him again.
Thank you for your support! have a good week yourselves!

-Elder Ethan Belldsc03077



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