“Jesus the Christ” + Baptism #2!

I’d like to begin this Email with a quote from “Jesus the Christ” by James E. Talmage. Earlier in Provo and my “early” mission field (like two days) I read this book, and it blew my mind. It is so in depth about the savior’s teachings and his life. It helped me to understand more fully the savior’s parables by explaining and summarizing their unique and perfect way of teaching principles. I re-read recently while studying and read the authors references. The references are the author’s factual support for the text he wrote. This specific study, I read about the savior’s crucifixion, and his rise from the tomb. However while reading I decided as I hadn’t yet read the references I probably should. I stumbled across a section on “How did the savior actually die?” because as we all know, to get into the post mortal life our physical bodies have to actually die (stop working). This prompts the question, how did the savior die if not from the effects of crucifixion? Crucifixion was designed to kill the victim over the space of about a day; eventually the victim would die because they were exhausted. However the savior gave up his life of his own will and died within about two hours after he had completed the Atonement.

Refer to ‘Jesus the Christ’, Chapter 35, note #8.

Quote, “The present writer believes that the Lord Jesus died of a broken heart. The psalmist sang in dolorous measure according to his inspired prevision of the Lord’s passion: “Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none. They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.” (Psalm 69:20, 21; see also 22:14.)

I want all of you to read “Jesus the Christ” if not just because you want to know more about the most perfect man to ever live, then read it as a guidebook for your life, because there is a reason they make it standard reading material for missionaries. They (The First Presidency) give it to us because it is a book about the man of whom we bear record on a daily basis and strive to be like in all aspects of life.

(Will you commit to read this book?)  =)


Okey Lang, so about my week, we had exchanges, a baptism, another interview for baptism, Emily’s birthday (didn’t forget =), I did forget about thanksgiving though ha-ha), and farewell game of basketball for Elder Cox (ZL).

For exchanges you go and work with the district leader for a day and he writes a report about what you do and how you do. For me, I had a great time other than one experience I will tell a little later. I enjoyed that day because I could (still to my ability) speak Tagalog and the people were very supportive of me. Finding out how other missionaries live and where they work was an awesome experience. Now the thing that wasn’t great (not then at least) =)

Walking in the middle of the night in a village in the middle of nowhere with pack of “wild “dogs barking and snarling at you and the two members with you is a little scary (I do not want to get bitten). (Not yet) I’m watching the largest dog in the pack and making sure that he doesn’t do anything, and suddenly I realize that the other guys (I was on exchanges so Elder Ilagan, and two members; James and Ryan) had just sprinted off down the road! So I did what anyone with half a brain would do. I sprinted after them. And that really big dog I was eyeing earlier sprinted after us too. He chased me (all of us really, but I was in last) for about 100 feet then “he” stopped. We stopped like fifty feet after that and they were laughing really hard at my reaction to this. They explained to me that all the dogs here are all bark and no bite, and if you don’t do anything to them they won’t do anything to you; and that they wanted the dogs to chase us because it is funny to see how the new missionaries react. Again, only funny now that I realize they were playing a joke on me.

We had Jordan’s baptism this week and it pulled off without a hitch, other than the dirty water we had to fill the font with.

We (Elder Ilagan) interviewed Sister Daniela Matamis and she passed, when she came back from the interview we didn’t even have to ask if she passed or not, we knew from her shy smile that she did. She is going to be baptized on the 3rd of December.

Elder Cox our zone leader is leaving this next week so we played a game of basketball with him. (See picture) I had a perfect chance to try and dunk but I didn’t take it. Goal: Be able to Dunk before I get home.

Happy Birthday Emily! XD

Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas!

-Elder Bell

Elder Bell and Elder Cox (ZL)
Elder Bell, John Mark, Elder Grado, Jordan Dionaldo (front)

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