Third Baptism…And I Got A Package!!!

I’m gonna start with Monday last week where we had FHE with the Caincultan (Kai-an-Kee-Tan) Pamilya (family) which was awesome and super funny. We played a game where you count to However many people you have playing minus one. Then you try to say the next number in order without saying it at the same time as someone else. If you do, then you and the other person both get a “finger of charcoal”(?) on your face. As you can see I wasn’t very good at this game, because one of the Caincultan boys decided to “take one for (his own) team” and try to say it at the same time as me and Elder Grado. Ha-ha!!


Tuesday wasn’t different from the norm, just lessons and studying for most of the day. Wednesday, we went to district meeting and while we were there Elder Grado got a call, because he was holding the phone that day. Elder Spung (Our area Missionary couple) let me and an Elder Rodgers know that we had packages. So I’m thinking, hey I got a package! Yeah! That’s awesome!  But, do you know what was even better? I’m getting Elder Warner level packages. I got FOUR packages all at the same time! (P.S. Thank you mom+dad)

And I had my third baptism last Saturday as well, which was awesome. Daniela Matamis is officially the newest member of the Guimba 3rd branch!

I don’t have very much time left so I’m just gonna add pictures and get back to work!

Maraming Salamat!

-Elder Bell

Note from the editor: We are waiting on access to the pictures. They will be added once we get them. The Elder Warner referenced above was in Ethan’s room at the MTC and received lots of packages when they were at the MTC. Thanks for following.




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