First Transfer day! Still in Guimba 3rd :)

So you know how I got four packages last week? And how Elder Rodgers got a “package”?   So this week we finally found a house that the owner is willing to renovate so that it is appropriate for missionaries and we are scheduled to move in…January. I will have one week in our house that we worked so hard to find… 😦  Anyway, while riding back into town I noticed a package the size of a small fridge in the back of the truck. I asked what it was; can you guess what it was? A package for Elder Rodgers…  I could fit inside the box it was so big. Ironic huh?

Christmas feels like summer here. It super weird to come home and see all of the Christmas things up and have to sit in front of my best friend(my Fan) to stay dry.(not sweat) And you guys had snow, which is even weirder. XD and the stuff you guys sent in my package was (and still is really) awesome. Right now I’m rationing the summer sausage and Nutella…. It’s too good. I don’t have any more pepperoni sticks left or beef jerky….  😦  American candies would be nice too, but I really like the food you sent. =) They don’t have any “real” American candy here because not enough people would buy them. Filipinos, as I have learned, have a “delicate” sweet tooth, American candies are too sweet for them.


No baptisms this week. We are still trying to get Brother Max to stop smoking and Sister Juliet to come to church; however we had brother Arvi’s interview with the zone leader this last Sabado (Saturday) and he passed! Wahoo!  And through our hard work this week we have 7 new investigators and we met all of our goals for this week and exceeded them.

Finished with one six weeks just…  I dunno, a ton left.


So this last week I was reading in the book of Alma in the “War Chapters” and I think chapter 4-something, Mormon writes “and thus were the people spared because of the prayers of the righteous”. This prompted a ten minute or so space out thinking session as I contemplated why did the Lord not spare the people of Moroni’s time? And how must Mormon have felt to read what he wanted so badly for his people? And what happened to the righteous people with Moroni who would have been spared the lords wrath?   The only answer that I could truthfully support for these questions is that the lord knows what he’s doing and “If we being fallen know how to give good gifts, How much then must the lord know” The lord wants what’s best for us and will do what is best for us( even if it involves the destruction of you nation)

Alam Ko po yan ng Diyos malalaman kung anong mabuti parasa amin, at gusto siya babalik upang niya. nais ko sa pangalan ni jesu christo amen.

Thank you all for the emails and support that I receive and enjoy this Christmas season-   #LightTheWorld

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

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One thought on “First Transfer day! Still in Guimba 3rd :)

  1. You’re doing great, Elder Bell! Thanks for the insights into what life is like there, and into the great work you are involved with. The Filipino postal service sounds much more reliable than what you find in Latin America, which is a blessing – glad you’re enjoying some goodies from home. We love you and pray for your health, growth and success. Merry Christmas!


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