Christmas, New Years, (And the almost perfect p-day).

So…Christmas first then. I wished so bad that we had “kabahay” (another companionship in our house) because Christmas feels the same as any other day without anyone else to spend it with. I opened my family’s letters to me and they made me cry …a lot.  I received a bunch of Christmas packages thanks to my family as usual. XD Yeah but on Christmas Eve they have us missionaries come in at 7:00 because it isn’t safe on the streets after that time. It’s mostly because of some small anti-American feelings and a lot of Very drunk men. yeah so we studied after 7:00 and started work at 8:00 which was really weird. so the days after Christmas leading up to new years were really hectic because a lot of our investigators had gone to friends in different places and we had trouble finding people to teach, then we had three solid days with a curfew; New Year’s Eve, new-years, and today. Going home at 5:00 is hard. There is so much more time to work but the HUGE numbers of fireworks make proselyting really dangerous. I watched (from our apartment) an artillery shell explode on the ground about a hundred yards down our own street. The people here are lucky, it’s so wet they can leave a fire burning and it will die without causing any harm. Really it’s their primary way of getting rid of garbage, Burn it.

The “perfect p-day” Not sure why but, for those who know p-day ends at 6:00 but because of New Year’s; we have a curfew…. at 6:00. So we have an All-day p-day. It’s really nice actually. This morning we played basketball with Rap-rap (less-active) at a court near his house and he brought his friends. I’m sure every one of my MTC batch mates, friends before the mission and pretty much every Filipino that has ever seen me has asked the same question in their minds or out loud; “Can you dunk? To which I have to heartily reply “NO. I Can’t. Even though I can hop and tap the rim I cannot dunk right now.”  The guys we played with are actually quite good and are enjoyable to watch but I kind of stink at basketball, really though. My only saving grace is my long arms that the Filipinos swear just appear out of thin air, when I steal the ball. My goal here is to become good at basketball and be able to dunk. So far I have made little progress.

The Guimba 3rd Branch Jersey!

My spiritual though this Week comes from Elder Bednar.(He’s my favorite) he wrote in a recent talk about the atonement and I paraphrase (because I’m writing this from memory)  “The savior is always anxiously standing by longing to give us the power to turn all our weaknesses into strengths. When we accept him we can see the power of the Atonement in our lives”  When we make changes in our lives that make it so that we can more fully accept the savior and spirit in our lives the savior grants us our wishes and blesses us that we will not have room to receive it. This includes trying to make a difficult Word Of Wisdom change or The law of Tithing. if we accept the lords commandments we will be recompensed in this life or the life to come.

#Called To Serve       -Elder Ethan Neil Bell


1) Bro. Dennis (Glapes) Matamis Jr. He was doing the same thing I was but he moved. He is called Glapes because that is how he pronounces ‘grapes’.


2) Branch Picture Christmas Day

The new voice recorder!
Filipino Pesos…There is a favorable exchange rate.



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