This week has been a week of New experiences, Ranging from being senior missionary (in spirit), to seeing a dead body for the first time.  It’s really (talaga) interesting.

(Yes, I do see how it’s ironic that this is an Interesting week, and last week was just “The Usual”)

But all irony aside, it really was new. I’m gonna count down to the weirdest thing I did this week.

#5) Being the “leading missionary in ALL planning AND Lessons. Not fun. Not fun because for a week I tried to small talk in Tagalog and transition into a lesson trying Sooooo hard to make it normal, with pitiful results. Not just that, I needed to play a pivotal part in planning who we would go visit and what we would teach them. (Not to mention teaching them as well) =)

#4) Last Friday for the first time in my life I ate squid. (Fried squid)  It was at our dinner appointment, and for those who want to know it does kind of taste like rubber. I ate it with this sauce that was Sooooo good. it was like the Orange sauce that they have at panda express, but tangy-er (not sure if right, but who cares?). It made the squid actually taste good.

#3) I saw a dead body for the first time. Yesterday, before sacrament meeting, at like 7:30 President Busarang calls us and says someone died in Mangang Marikit. Mangang Marikit is a “village” in Guimba city limits (actually called a Barangay (Ba-rah-n-guy)). Which was different because we NEVER get calls from him. He says a member died and they want you to visit. I’m thinking of the four families in Mangang Marikit that we know and I didn’t think any of them were sick or really old, so I was a little concerned. We go to church at 8 and every member from Mangang Marikit shows up. At this point I’m so confused. After sacrament meeting, I ask president, “who died?”.  He explains that it was a less active that was buried in the church records and hadn’t come to church since 2014. Later that day we went and visited like they asked, and honestly, it’s uncanny how dead people look like they’re sleeping. It wasn’t really all that weird, just new.

#2) I was separated from any other missionary for 4 hours while on splits. On Sunday just before we went to the dead members house and after sacrament meeting. Tatay Castillo and I went to San Rafael (another Barangay) to teach a lot of RC’s that we have there. we also taught Bro. Jonathan, one of our investigators who is awesome.(He’s getting married soon) after that we walked, Tatay didn’t have his trike, to Pasong Inchik (Barangay) where we taught Tatay Rolando, another of our investigators. He wants to read the book of Mormon sooo bad but he can’t read without glasses, which he has, but his glasses are broken and he doesnt have money to buy new ones. So right now we’re talking to the couple missionaries to see if there is a solution we can give. After that we met Elder Grado (with his companion) in Bagong Barrio (yet another Barangay) for dinner with the Cainguitan Family.

#1) On Saturday, at the San Antonio Elders house I ate RAT. Yes, rat.  In the Elders fridge I saw a bowl full of “mystery” meat while we were visiting for our interviews, and I asked the elders if they could tell me what type of meat it was. They said “It’s Chicken, Try it.”  Sure, okay” and I did…and from the huge grins on their faces I immediately knew something was wrong. Elder Rogers- “That, my friend is RAT meat.”  XD It was true because they had been bragging about it earlier that week, and because of all the tiny, rat-sized bones I could now feel in my mouth. AND on top of that…I felt one, LONG, THIN, BONY, FLEXIBLE …thing, in my mouth and I just about threw up because I had eaten the tail too. The other elders had some good laughs at this to which I vowed “revenge”.

Gum is a rare commodity!

We also have transfer day this next week (the 19th) and I don’t know where I’m going OR if I’m staying. I’ve been told that usually the English-speaking elders usually move, but who knows? Other than that, I’m still progressing in Tagalog and its hard.

To my family, I don’t have any new voice recordings because I forgot it at home and cant upload them sooo, bright side, you get twice as much next week!

I just want to let you guys know that where ever you are, and you’re reading this, I believe in you, whatever you are doing, whatever you are planning on doing, or even haven’t even gotten to planning and its just a thought, I know that you can. KAYA NINYO! Through the atonement of Jesus Christ you can do all things that you desire through faith. There is a reason that Faith is the Very First tenet of the Gospel, and through faith all things can be done. (Like walking on water for instance)

I miss you all, and I hope you are all doing well,

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

In reply to Ethan’s email, which was sent to the elders who fed him rat, Elder Rogers (the elder with ‘rat meat’) sent the following email:

“No please! No revenge! It was a joke only! It really was chicken! ahahaha. Elder Gomitas and I laughed about it for days after! ahaha! Good on ya mate!

          Elder Rogers

AKA: Captain Australia

Philippines Angeles Mission

Where only the Finest Serve

The gentleman on the right is Gail Halvorsen who dropped candy to German children during the german airlift after WWII. Ethan sent this to us.
Some foolin around at Christmas conference!



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