Transfers! And New Beginnings!

I am officially an Elder in the Zone of Gapan, serving in the San Leonardo area. New Companion, Hardships and Trials!

Last Wednesday was transfer announcements, and that morning (seems like a month ago =) Elder Grado received a call, and President Clark said he would be training again in Guimba Three. Unfortunately, that means that I was for sure going to be transferring

“Ughhhhh! I have to start packing!! X (“

So for the next day we went to all of the members and did “member visits” and basically I said goodbye. That was really sad because some of those people I might never see again. I got a ton of photos to remember them by and I’m looking forward to my new area with confidence.


My confidence was shattered when it turns out my new area has NO investigators and for the last couple weeks the elders serving here had been a little disobedient. I was stressed and unpacking all my things and periodically looking at my photos of my last area (not a good choice…) just kinda feeling down.  I looked for something to study during our study time that would lift my spirits and found my patriarchal blessing but that didn’t work, nor did the Book of Mormon, or teachings of the presidents, But finally after spending two days trying my best to put a smile on my face and gather the courage to talk to people about the gospel in my broken Tagalog, I found in one of my Accordion folders, a small stack of talks and in reading through those I found temporary relief. I found my real comfort when I read my letters from my family while in the MTC. In one dated in October, Dad wrote “We love you, and remember to always pray for Comfort and Guidance, and the Lord will comfort you”. I sat down and asked for comfort and I can testify of the power of my prayer and of prayer in general. I received comfort from the Lord and strength to bear my trials. That day we had 40 Oyms (open your mouth), 3 lessons to members, and 7 new investigators. Through His guidance and comfort, this area is beginning a slow turnover from being one of the less productive areas in the Gapan zone, to being a standard in our district. Right now we (Elder Taimani and I) are doing alright and are ready for some real work.

I really miss you guys, and I think that my homesickness started to hit by degrees like I have so much homesickness for each transfer and I get all of it at the beginning.  Just know I think about you guys. =)

I love all you guys and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Love Elder Bell.



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