Week 3 in San Leonardo!

So last week I was trying to write everyone who had sent me an email, but I ran out of time to email you guys and when I was finished with my “group email” from last week I decided to wait for another time to send it. It was almost all a spiritual thought and I realized (after I was done) that a) I didn’t have any more time left, and B) that I didn’t want to send the email I wrote, so…no email. = (

(PS I’m really sorry for the capitalization but the computer I’m at is the kinda stinky one and all the other ones are full.)

Elder Bell and Elder Taimani

Yeah Elder Taimani is still in San Leonardo and we are doing awesome btw.  Also, I need to mention the letter I got from my dad. So about a month ago I wrote my parents saying I wanted mail. I think I said something along the lines of I really like getting mail. So this last week I received a letter from my dad that goes as follows, “dear Ethan, Mom told me you wished you had letters to read…  so here it is. Love Dad.”….   Hahaahahah….  ha-ha… honestly I laughed for like ten minutes, and I’m also sure my companion thought I was going crazy.

Chicken foot! and not the domino game!

The days are going by really fast, like I’ve already been here in San Leonardo for three weeks! I’m halfway done with this transfer! On Saturday we visited a home of a less active and he showed us his home, which is like a zoo! Like literally! We saw A Philippine Eagle, Three Pythons, and a bunch of other Philippine animals there. No monkeys though. =(


Yeah but our area is looking up. We have visited a bunch of people and a lot of them seem interested, so that’s good.  Yeah Elder Taimani is still here and we have just (I think) hit our groove. I don’t feel as awkward anymore about letting him know what we are supposed to be doing. So we are being the best we can, perfectly obedient.  So hard for me is waking up in the morning, 6:30. You guys know how it is. However, here I’m getting up for our area, Elder Taimani, and myself. So I have a little more motivation here. We have been blessed with many new investigators in the last couple weeks.

San Leonardo Saints!

Anyway this week has been really interesting because I’ve had an awesome experience with the concept of agency and obedience. By definition agency is the ability to choose, and obedience is choosing to do what someone asks you to, showing respect for that person.  We use our agency constantly. Every second of our lives we are called upon to make decisions, and how we decide affects our life here on earth and our life in the world to come.

Now, my experience was that for this week I have striven to be an awesome example for my companion and through that help the people of San Leonardo, and myself. And through being that example we have had tons of success. Just yesterday we had 10 lessons and 2 new investigators. And we contacted a ton of less actives. One of our investigators actually just came to church. Like, we didn’t even know him, but the elders from about a year ago taught him a little bit, and this Sunday he just felt like going to church. He JUST FELT LIKE IT!  That my friends is a direct answer to prayer and obedience. Soo0… Obedience is key!

I hope you Guys are doing alright and I’m really happy for all of the support you guys give.

Mahal kita!   -Elder Ethan Bell


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