Transfer after Transfer after Transfer!

I’ve officially had 4 companions this transfer. Yeah big record huh?  As I wrote before I had Elder Taimani as a companion for the first 4 weeks of this transfer. However, he was on his “last legs” as a missionary. I say that because he was about to “die”, as in go home. A mission is like a small life. You are born and you literally depend upon your “Tatay”(father) for everything. Language, rules, how to go places…etc. However, you learn and you enter the middle aged period, where you are pretty comfortable and work hard. Then you get old. This was where Elder Taimani was, except he’d been diagnosed with a terminal disease and then just kept living. So he was waiting for the “angel” as he called it, to take him home. That was a week and a half ago. RIP Elder Taimani. = (

Elder Bell and Elder Taimani

So for a day, I went to work with the Zone leaders. Then we set up a short term for me named Brother Lopez. He is a member that works with us all the time and is getting ready for his mission.  He’s got his papers in and is waiting for his call right now. I pretty much became his trainer. So in the San Leonardo group where we go to church, many people have been gone recently due to Chickenpox. If you haven’t guessed already, Brother Lopez got chickenpox on our fifth day working together. It was really bad. He had a 100+ degree fever for three days and had the worst looking case I’d ever heard of. Needless to say, Brother Lopez went home and I worked with the zone leaders for a couple days again.

Elder Bell and Brother Lopez

Now we’re at the present, and I’m expecting to work till March 2nd with the zone leaders; or until they find me a new companion (unlikely). Who Really Knows? (The zone leader’s apartment is TINY! My bed is put against the wall every morning because the place we walk is where I sleep during the night.  Man I feel like a little kid when I work with the zone leaders.  It doesn’t help that they are both 22+ and they both know fluent Tagalog).

Spiritual Thought:

If I asked anyone on this planet, would you rather have a dollar or a wish what do you think people would choose? Obviously the wish, it has unlimited possibilities, right? Now think about this, I’ve observed the law as stated by, I think Joseph Smith, where all your sacrifices will be recorded by the angels of heaven and given you in recompense now or in the next life.   Earlier this week (with Bro. Lopez) we had a member work with us named Esme, a 44 year old bachelor who rides a bike and sells bread for a living. He doesn’t have all that much money and he needs all the time he can get to sell it on the streets. Still, he volunteers to help us with our work all the time. After this last time working with us, he asked us to help him by loaning him money. But, as missionaries we can’t. We can buy bread from him, but we can’t just give him money. I really wanted to give him something for all the work he did, but I had a thought while thinking about it. “If I give him this 50 pesos, will he receive his recompense from heaven?” Which is better? My 50 pesos (dollar), or the blessings from heaven?

The principle is the same for tithing, or WOW, or any other sacrifice you might make. The hardships are worth it, and the “gains “for disobedience are so paltry in comparison that you cannot imagine being foolish enough to want what the devil so cunningly offers us. We have access to unlimited possibilities through our own faith in the power of Christ through acts like paying tithing, abstaining from alcohol, coffee or cigarettes, and by serving those around us. Honestly, I think we’d be silly not to use this “wish” in our lives. I mean everyone’s ultimate “wish” is to be happy, right

With Love -Elder Ethan Bell

Bro. Esme, Elder Bell, Bro. Rey. Not sure about the glasses on Ethan!?!

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