Same area and New Companion! Whoa! Finally!

This week was great! While working with the zone leaders I was able to improve my Tagalog which I’m sad to say might never be fluent = (  However I will still try my best to learn. The language is still hard, but it’s getting easier to manage. Also, I got a new companion, Elder Dela Cruz. He’s pretty chill, and in mission terms, he’s my uncle because he’s batch with Elder Grado, my Tatay (trainer). We fixed up the apartment this week in our free time so that it is a lot cleaner and usable. Best part, it’s all reimbursable! Astig! This week we pretty much spent all of our time meeting the members, and helping him get to know the area. Speaking of which, the San Leonardo area is HUGE, like I WILL NEVER see anywhere near all of it. Yeah, really not much this week. Sorry. =)

Contemplating what could be had for a few pesos!?!

The Chickenpox is still circulating around and I can see where everyone gets sick from =) Still it’s sad to see so many people sick.

Joke! I actually just remembered this, because it was on Monday last week. So while i was trying to learn how to Rubik’s cube right before bed, I hear Elder Pascual, one of the zone leaders, shout WHOA! Look at that spider!

1st thought, where is it?

2nd thought, what the….HOLY COW!!!!!!!!    What the heck is that!!!


Love you guys! Elder Ethan Bell

Ethan’s new companion!
for comparison…
It’s looking a little big!
Close up of the intruder!



One thought on “Same area and New Companion! Whoa! Finally!

  1. Happy birthday Ethan. We’re thinking about you today and are so proud of the work that you’re doing. We love you. Grandma and grandpa Gardner.


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