It’s sooooooo Hot here.

I’ll be completely honest; it’s way too hot here all the time. And here in San Leonardo it’s kinda dusty, like really dusty. When a car, truck, or tricycle drives by it kicks up a lot of dust. I believe I’ve said this before, but it rises with the air and bows in our (beautiful but unnecessary) balcony. Meaning, we (I) have to sweep almost every other day the whole house. I sweep and my companion does dishes, so I’m pretty happy about that trade-off. =)  I really dislike dishes.  Back to the heat here, in December and January the heat was pretty mild, and it didn’t really bother me, however we’ve hit the “hot season” of March (which is the hottest month of the year) April (number 2) and May(3). The only way you can stay cool is to be like a shark; always moving.  The “moving air” negates some of the heat. The worst is like right now, when I’m sitting in a computer shop and sweating soooo much. No movement and on top of that, warm computers and one fan that rotates. That means for every 6 seconds I get a cool one. =)

Nice cold dessert!

My Tagalog is improving even though I don’t really notice it that much anymore.  I’m getting to the point where I have an 8th grade to 10th grade level of understanding and a 6th grade level of speaking, so I feel I’ve progressed a lot for the short time I’ve been here. Also about time, my companion told me a joke the other day.

So we were walking and he sees an airplane really far away up in the clouds flying out of the Philippines. He turns to me and asks quietly, “How far away do you think that airplane is?”  I answered something like “I dunno, maybe 10-11,000 feet? How am I supposed to know?”

Smugly he says, “I know exactly how far away I am.” (In Tagalog)

Me: “That’s a dirty lie! How are you supposed to know how far away you are!?”

“I am about 12 months away and you are about 18 away from that plane.”   hahahahahaha XD   I still chuckle at it. =)


However yesterday and Saturday was not a fun time for me. We have two investigators both have 6 church attendances and desire to be baptized, even if that means just a teeny bit. Now on Saturday, we get a text on our phone from an unknown number saying someone is leaving for Manila. We ask and it turns out that our best and most progressing investigator’s mom decided that Sister Janelle needed a vacation and is taking her to Manila till MAY. ………MAY!!!!!!    That’s not even next transfer! UGHHHH!!!! My companion right now MIGHT be here then. Maybe. Then on Sunday Bro. Nick, another of our investigators, told his LDS friend that he might want to be baptized in a different iglesia more because they will treat him to a nice restaurant afterwards, then get baptized with us.   What!?  It’s so silly but it’s true.   So no baptisms in March it seems.   I also had a talk in church this week. No fun…  It was on spiritual death and my companion’s was on physical death, so it was cool that we kinda got to (in two parts) teach the plan of salvation.   Pretty interesting honestly.  Anyway thanks for always emailing me even if I don’t always email you!

Love you guys!  -Elder Ethan Neil Bell


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