I emailed last week, but I guess it didn’t send…. = (

Yeah so I did email last week and I pressed send but apparently it didn’t send at all… like I don’t even have drafts from my writing. Anyway I’ll get you up to date. =)

So last week was transfer week, and I was a little nervous because I hate being put in a brand new place with brand new people and a brand new companion that I have to stay with for a month and a half. Mediyo stressful! However, during mission interviews President Clark said he thought me and Elder Dela Cruz were a good combination, so I thought that President Clark had pretty much said I would be staying…And I did! Ha-ha! You thought I was going to say I left! Nah, I’m still in good old San Leonardo! I also got my first baptism here! Finally! If I had transferred I would have missed it! Wahoo! Walang pictures of the baptism because I forgot my camera. =(

It rained a lot this week, especially today, and I’m happy because that means it won’t be dusty and that the air is cleaner!

I’d also like to share a thought that I had this week, So while preparing for the baptism which was going to be held the Saturday directly after the interview, we forgot to print a program and assign speakers at the baptism. Not a huge problem, but a problem nonetheless. We made a quick program, and we (missionaries) spoke, so crisis averted. However I hadn’t had a huge role in remembering the program, because I am the junior companion, So while sitting preparing for my talk, I thought to myself, Man this isn’t my fault, I was against having the baptism so quickly. Obviously you can see the folly in that, right?

  1. A) I wasn’t being responsible enough.
  2. B) When “confronted” it was “His” fault

The thing is I can’t say I told you so unless I actually said my opinion, so lesson here is that in order to make things more streamlined for yourself and others, you just need you speak your mind.

Thank you mom & dad for always emailing me, even when I don’t email. And thank you for always being supportive as well. =)

Elder Bell


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