Hey! Hows it going?

Being completely honest, every day I come home soaking wet. Either it’s really rainy or it’s so hot that I sweat enough to make it seem like I fell into a pool. (Recently I had a combination of the two, yuck) Also, Cabanatuan is the hottest place in the mission so when you check it’s usually a couple of degrees lower than in cab.

This week I was supposed to go get a fancy Philippines driver’s license, however it was Labor Day here apparently, so no one was there. Kinda a waste of money. It was still nice though because Elder Dela Cruz was able to buy his new camera. Speaking about cameras, I forgot mine at the house soooo no pictures, and I have my recorder right here next to me but I don’t have the download cord, because we had to get here quick, before all the little kids run to the computer shop to play Dota 2. =)

Our investigators are progressing so slowly! They just don’t want to come to church! It’s so lame! Most of the members are awesome people, and they all would be great friends. (I think/hope)   Yeah but not much else has happened. It’s really just us going out and talking to people for hours then teaching lessons for understanding and church attendance.

Anyway, have fun with Track, orchestra, hiking, planning, working, singing (Go titans!), Baseball (Go Rockies!), and school!

Love you guys!

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

p.s. – Tell grant to stop growing, It’s not for my ego or anything but he’s making my companion feel bad (and like almost everyone I see every day (they are all shorter than you))


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