Week? Month 7 Year 0 (man, I’m still really new) = (

Alright, I think that I’m going to use google again, however I’m not totally sure what is going to happen. I honestly got a huge scare by Elder Dela Cruz because he told me yesterday that we were going to call home today.   Yeah he was wrong…

However, I’m feeling good about this week, I don’t really know why, but I feels good. =) We are shrinking our teaching pool to find the most progressing investigators and focus on them, because we have a lot of people who either just want to listen to us for hearing people talk about Jesus, or are just being nice by letting us come and teach them, and don’t intend to keep any commitments. = (   so far we’ve made decent progress.

Also tomorrow, we have zone interviews. Usually I enjoy them, however, this time we are being interviewed in our houses. You guys know what my room used to look like, so you can understand what our apartment looks like. It’ll be alright though because we’ll do some quick cleaning tonight. =) Thankfully, we’ve kept up on dishes, that’d be soooo gross. Ha-ha

I love you guys and I hope you guys are doing fantastic!

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell


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