I’m with the zone leaders again….

Hey! I haven’t seen an email from you guys this week yet, but I suppose that’s kinda what I deserve. I’d like to say that I didn’t have time to email, but I did have time.  I started downloading Mormon messages and converting them so we could watch them later, but, by the time I had finished that and emailed President Clark, My companion was done and got up and left. (45 mins.) I asked to stay, but he had made an appointment for us to go to. He told me we would come back, but we didn’t. Thankfully, I’m with the zone leaders right now and I’ll be getting a new companion next Thursday. Elder Mahayahay was kinda nice until he only had a week left, then he kinda didn’t want to work at all. He just did his own thing, dragging me around. “We’re leaving!” just before he walks out the door. -That’s about as much notice as I got most of the time.

I got your package last week at conference. It was great! Elder Mahayahay, looked at me funny when I pulled out the dried mangoes and laughed. Those mangoes have traveled almost as much as I have. I’ve almost eaten all of the stuff in there. I think I’ve got some gum hiding around here somewhere. Also, I thought of some more stuff I’d love to get in a package.:-Some Sock Ties 1-2, Fruit gum(any), a consecrated oil container (I think I left mine in my desk or something), and some mashed potatoes with gravy(dried 🙂 duh…).

I’ll send pictures plus recordings next week, because I am currently living out of a backpack so I don’t have my camera or recorder cord. Sorry!

I love you guys!   This week I went to visit the Gamalinda family, and they are the best! They have been active for 20 years now, and we did a member visit with them. I shared my testimony and we got an awesome referral from them. We visited the referral the next day and they (I think) seem ready to receive the gospel. 🙂 Normally the members don’t share referrals, and then the family seemed ready to get baptized!? Super nice.

I’ll email next week! I love you guys! (ulit)

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

PS: I met a girl named Chantal, while I was riding on a Jeepney and it totally threw me for a loop. I made a funny face and Elder Mahayahay laughed at me. Hahahaha!

The Camiling Zone at Zone Conference!

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