I’m doing alright :) How are you!?!

So far, we’re just trying to reopen the area, and get to know the members so we can get fellow-shippers for our “new Investigators”.

It’s really hard sometimes to be the senior companion. I have to decide where or what we are doing all the time, and I am also responsible to be able to translate or talk to all of the members here. Who all know Tagalog, but as a second language only. They mostly know Ilocano as a first language.

100? That’s pretty hot! You guys have any rain in the last week or so? Because just last night, we had some awesome lightning shows above our house. I also got a video or two of the fireworks. It was pretty cool. It was only possible because we didn’t have power last night, and it’s been switching on and off all morning. I don’t have time to upload the videos and the SD card reader that I bought, doesn’t work. 😦 I have a ton of letters to send to you guys and I’m going to find the Post Office later today so that I can send them. Have fun! 🙂

So earlier this week we were out finding the investigators that Elder Mahayahay had before, and we write down this map and start walking, two hours later and probably 5 miles or so on the side of this highway, we find this place that looks just like the map Elder Brown drew (Elder Mahayahays comp.) We literally walk into this place that’s kinda like a neighborhood and Carp style tent village thing. So basically like a maze of houses. We start walking in the right direction, and every once and a while ask someone where this family lives. The last person we ask is this old nany who invites us in. Turns out she’s a really less active member and hasn’t seen the missionaries in 4 years. And she just happened to see us as we were asking around. So we invited her to church. It’s great. 🙂 Finding, ladies and gentlemen.

Love you guys and hope you are doing alright! 🙂

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell

The Camiling Zone on interview day. Ethan’s comp is top row and second from the right.



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