Finding week (I uploaded some new recordings)

July 17th

We are having a hard time in our area right now because our investigators aren’t progressing as well as we would hope. Yesterday (on Sunday) we invited all of our investigator to come to church and they all said they would. And none of them came…. 😦 makes me sad. We are trying hard to help our investigators to understand the importance that coming to church has. Other than that I’m doing alright. I have a talk in sacrament meeting next Sunday, so fun times… haha

I’m sorry that I can’t send any pictures right now. Later I’m definitely going to buy a new sd card reader, because the last one I got was terrible, and lasted two weeks.

How are Austin and Becca? I assume they’re ready for college and getting married eh?

Man, I wish I could go to carp right now. It’d be so less humid. Some days it’s hard to deal with the heat. It’s like walking around in a huge sauna everyday. And then since its the rainy season, At about 5:00 to7:00 every day it starts raining pretty hard and usually continues past 9:00, So usually we do our language study at that time/dinner, and work in the morning instead of in the evening.

Love you guys , I’ll email you next week with pictures, Promise!

-Elder Bell

Elder Nielsen and Elder Bell

July 23rd

Yeah, I’ve met President Johnson, he sounds pretty cool. However, because he thought we might take the wrong impression, he said this too “Don’t get me wrong. I’m a joking type of guy, but if you think I’m not serious about the work because of that you’re mistaken.”

Pretty good first impression. 🙂 We worked really hard last week and picked up almost 10 new investigators and haven’t visited the other return appointments yet. It’s going good right now. And we got ISM! Whooo! Investigators actually came to sacrament mtg! The study I’m talking about is our Language study, and at 7:00-9:00 most people don’t like being disturbed, at 8:00 everyone is asleep because they wake up early.

My talk was alright even though it was only about 10 mins. Elder Nielsen went first and took half of the time. (40 mins left of sac. mtg.) I took 10, and the lady after me took 10 too, but we also had an intermediate hymn sooo, we were just a little late. But hey, I did good. My topic was Serving others , so I pretty much just taught the 2nd chapter of Mosiah, and ended with the 41st verse which promises blessings with obedience to the commandments of the lord.

The 50 miler? That sounds awesome! Do you think that next year I’ll be home in time to go on it?

If I could? “Adviser Bell” sounds good. (Like wind chimes) hahaha. And about grant’s back, That looks just like chad’s back last time. hahaha Brazil! That’s cool! What language is he speaking? Spanish? He is already pretty good. hehe lucky him. I still have to focus on what I’m saying or I’ll say something stupid.

We had an awesome workshop the other day too. In it there was this story about a pair of caterpillars who were best friends, but one day the green caterpillar disappeared. The other caterpillar looked and looked for his friend, but couldn’t find him. A few days later he sees some beautiful butterflies, and surprisingly to him one of them flies over and talks to him. It was the green caterpillar!  The astonished caterpillar explains that he found out that it’s actually easy to turn into a caterpillar, but the hard part is figuring out that he doesn’t need to be a caterpillar anymore. “That was the really hard part.” As imperfect people we always have places we can change, the real problem is just figuring out that we NEED to change.

I love you guys! See you next week!   -Elder Ethan Neil Bell




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