Weekly email! =) Pictures haha

To be truly honest, It hasn’t been hot one day this week. Like I even slept without my fan with the sheets on. It was honestly cold one morning. You can see from the pictures that the river is really high. Like 6-10 ft. higher than normal. I don’t need to wonder why, because it hasn’t stopped raining all week. I realized how wet it had been when I woke up one morning to go out and realized that both of my shoes were still moist even though they were stuffed with rags.(squish, squish all day) hehe


We found this tatay yesterday and he’s pretty funny, he’s also like golden. He is catholic and believes in god and Jesus Christ. He doesn’t like Jehovah’s Witness’ or Iglesia ni Cristo (the other two big churches here) because he doesn’t believe that they could be the church that Christ organized.

However he also doesn’t like going to the Catholic Church because he believes that the people don’t dress appropriately. We invited him to church, but he couldn’t come, because we only were able to invite to church like two hours before church started, and he had stuff he needed to be doing.


Love you guys! See you next week!

-Elder Ethan Neil Bell




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