Bible Bashing / Gen. Conf.

Hey!!!   So this week has been good, we got to know the area and some of the more active members, and I know that seems like very little to do in a whole week, it’s a lot when you think about having to go to a faraway part of your area, meeting a few members, (like two or three households), The ward mission leader then having to leave for institute and pretty much having to wander around for the rest of the day. Then we had general conference, which pretty much took all our proselyting time from Saturday and Sunday, and with our planning studying and additional study because we’re a training companionship, we actually don’t have as much time as you’d think.

But the reason why I have the bible bashing title is because two of our new investigators this week are “born again” and when we showed up to visit they welcomed us in first because we were fellow Christians and then when we got inside, the quiz show/comedy began. We gave him a pamphlet (the plan of salvation pamphlet) with Jesus on the front, and looked at us quizzically and asked, “who is this?” we really surprised, answered “Jesus Christ”. He again looked at us funny and asked “You’ve seen him? “Us, “Ummmm…. No. He lived a long time ago” he then proceeded to explain that putting a picture of Jesus on the front of our pamphlet was in violation of the commandments(specifically making pictures of heaven, he said) we explained that the commandment was only for pictures of heaven that people worshiped instead of God the Father, and Jesus Christ. He didn’t believe us and despite several attempts to explain (from the scriptures) what Moses wanted to say, he didn’t listen to us. We then sensing the futility of explaining that, took our pamphlet back and asked if we could start with a prayer, he said he wasn’t sure, so we said we’d like to pray for his household, he relented and we said a prayer. We started our message and we got in two sentences before he stopped listening to us. We said,

“We believe that we are all spiritual sons and daughters of god and that we lived with him in the Spirit world, the place we lived before we came here. Our heavenly father was the only person with a prefect body of flesh and bones-” then he interrupted and asked, “god the father has a body?” us, “yes”, in the bible it says that the spirit of the father dwells in all men, (He quoted a scripture and told us to open to it, we did and he taught us for two minutes. This type of behavior went on for the entire visit.

Man, my trainee was depressed after that visit, and to be truly honest that doesn’t happen all that often. The only thing that truly put that lesson in the ground was his spirit of contention. The spirit wouldn’t invite him to stop objecting to our teachings and listen with an open heart. I also think that if I was better prepared to teach people like him I would be able to invite the spirit even if he didn’t want it there.

Anyway, General conference was FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait for the Liahona to read them all again. I testify as well,(even if my testimony may be a little short) that I know that the Book Of Mormon is true, and in the words of Joseph smith, I know that god knows I know it, and that I cannot deny it, but love to share the words of Christ.

Love ya! See you next week!


p.s sorry I don’t have any pictures my card reader broke and I need to get a new one. Also, my sheets are really gross now so I went and bought some new ones. I’ll send a picture, but the pillowcase, fitted sheet and the bag all have different colors.


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